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About AKayCreations
    AKayCreations was started in November 2011 by Alicia Campbell.  I have been sewing since I was ten and have a masters degree in Clothing & Textiles.  My passions turned towards quilting when I was working for Hancock Fabrics as a Home Economist.  When the opportunity came to start long arm quilting, I jumped at it.  Quilting has changed so much in the last 10-20 years, there are no rules about what materials can be used or how the items are created.  That is what I love.  My own quilt pieces vary in size, style and materials used - often depending on my mood.  I am always seeking out new techniques and styles.

    At AkayCreations, I use a Gammil/Statler computerized long arm machine.  This always me to offer a large variety of pattterns and have the flexibility to adjust the size of the pattern to best suit the client's quilt.  A computer also allows for "tweeking" of a traditional pantograph (edge-to-edge) pattern so that it does not look like rows of stitched designs.  Instead, alternate rows can be reverse or shifted and then all rows are nested closer together to create a continuous quilting pattern.  By having the computer do this work, I can keep the quilting at an affordable price.  Custom quilting is also available.

Alicia Campbell, Owner/Quilter